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Generate a second source of income by selling ice cream from your farm

If you want more income stability a second source of income can help a lot. Especially as a dairy farmer or fruit grower, since your income can be quite unstable. One way in which you can get a second source of income is by starting to sell homemade ice cream from your farm. As a dairy grower, you already have the main ingredient readily available. As fruit grower, you also have some of the ingredients in abundance. You can even turn more profit on your fruit or milk by making it into ice cream and selling this from your farm.

Partner up with an experienced company

Would you like to generate a second source of income by selling ice cream from your farm? Then you can easily do this by partnering up with an expert that knows the production process and the market really well. It is also important to have a sound business plan. All of these criteria are met when you partner up with Ice Delite. This expert has already helped many farms across Great Britain to sell high-quality ice cream. You might have even heard of this ice cream, because it is pretty well known. It is Farmhouse Ice Cream: a brand known for its high-quality ice cream in a variety of delicious flavours. You might even be able to contribute to this flavour variety, because they are open to new ideas.

Find out more about the possibilities

Do you want to know more about producing and selling ice cream from your own farm? Contact the experts at Ice Delite to inquire about the possibilities. They will gladly tell you more about the options that are best suited to your farm. Once you are part of their innovative concept, they help you set up the production facility and get it up and running. As soon as this is under control, you can start producing the ice cream by yourself. Of course, the experts are always there for you should you have any questions, and they help you with selling the ice cream too.