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Hire Exhibition Stands – Are they right for you?

When December comes around and your workload starts to quieten, it’s an ideal time to start thinking about the year ahead and complete any planning that you can do ahead of time.

If you have attended an event before, you’ll understand the level of planning that is required and the time that is consumed. So, if you can start a few months early, you should take all the extra time you can get.

Some exhibitors will plan and handle the whole display from start to finish but if you want a helping hand, a hire stand is the perfect solution. Designing a hire stand really puts going bespoke to the test, you can design the stand from scratch whilst working with a design team.

Additional to the stand design, you’ll add your own artwork. Adding your custom artwork gives you the biggest opportunity you need to promote what your business has to offer. Read on to find out more about the hire stand option and the benefits available.


The stand design of any event is exciting as you get to start from scratch and create a unique display that has been made just for your brand. You’ll have the chance to speak to expert designers that will bring your thoughts to life and will no doubt exceed expectations.

Using the designer also helps if you need ideas, suggestions and an expert opinion.

Install and dismantle

With a bespoke stand it’s safe to say that the installation would be tricky. The designers will understand how to put the stand together and how to achieve the design as promised. Whilst this may come under an extra cost, it’s impeccable that the design and layout on the day is right.


No matter the size of the stand you have designed, your artwork is key to make the stand your own and show the exhibition attendees what your brand is all about. Use the space you have wisely and think about how your message can reach the most people whilst having a positive impact.

If you’re searching for a maximum impact stand that has all the perks of being installed and dismantled, a hire stand is for you. It requires little effort on the day and ensures you have a stand to steal the show.