What do you think about the NBA Live 18 roster update?

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NBA Live 18 got an update that changed OVR and attributes for basketball players and added two new uniforms to the game.

One of the latest NBA Live 18 updates concerns basketball players and their attributes. The entire attribute updates list is quite hefty. Those interested in checking it out can download the .XLSX file from the official NBA Live forums. The list is found under the News and Announcements category. The sizeable file is a spreadsheet that lists players and their updated attributes. More than 40 attributes such as agility, dunk rating, and dribbling define a player. The general rating known as OVR is a measure of a basketball player performance and, most of the times, the sole stat considered by users when evaluating a particular player.

So, when a basketball player is updated, most users will first look at the OVR and then at the other attributes. The spreadsheet containing the updates has a column called Overall diff. This is most helpful as readers can compare players’ OVR before and after the update. Browsing the values in this column, we can see that players got an OVR decrease rather than an increase. The biggest difference is two so it’s not that dramatic. Only four players have had their OVR decreased by two. These are CJ McCollum, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, and Bradley Beal. Some of the players that had their OVR boosted by one are Anthony Davis, Courtney Lee, and Enes Kanter.

Along with the roster update, also came two new uniforms. Players will now be able to collect the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets Nike City Edition outfits. Prior to the roster update, NBA Live 18 got the first update for 2018. Players should now be experiencing a better online play and more stable performance. Live run was improved too. The game should not crash anymore when playing live events. The timer for being idle was reduced to 48 seconds. It used to be five minutes. Another bug that occurred in Play Now mode after players made changes to their starting lineups is also fixed. The complete list of fixes is found on the NBA Live 18 News and Announcements forum section. For nba live 18 playing, besides the guide you need you, the nba live 18 coins are also important, which can be used to buy more better players to help you to win more games.

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