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3 tips for a healthier pizza!

Pizza! Who doesn’t like pizza now? A delicious crispy bottom with a layer of tomato sauce. And there is a pizza for everyone. With the various toppings you can place on the pizza you have enough variety. Meat, cheese or even vegetables, it’s all very tasty. Although pizza is delicious and you might want to eat it every day, this is not recommended. However, there are tips to make a healthier pizza. This means you don’t have to feel too guilty when you want to have a slice of pizza a little more often.

Tip #1 A veggie pizza base!

You’ve probably seen the advertisements in which vegetable bases are advertised, but did you know that a base made of vegetables is really tasty? You can make your pizza base from cauliflower, but also spinach. With a cauliflower the color remains natural white, with the spinach base the color changes. This also creates a totally different experience; a green base! There are of course plenty of other vegetables that you can use when making a healthier pizza base. Broccoli is also a very good option.

Tip #2 Pizza with more vegetables instead of meat

Most people like a delicious pepperoni pizza or a real meat-lovers pizza, but it’s not good to eat it every day. Are you already dying at the thought of losing a pizza moment? Then a good tip is to use more vegetables on the pizza instead of meat every time. Now you shouldn’t think a pizza with vegetables will not be edible. Here too you have a lot of variety. Think of delicious mushrooms, peppers and onions. If you like olives, sprinkle them over the pizza as well.

Tip #3 Order your pizza at Monte Pizza Crust

This may be the best tip ever! Ordering your pizza at Monte Pizza Crust allows you to eat healthy pizzas, without having to spend too long in the kitchen to make them yourself. And better than that, it is not possible! Monte Pizza Crust offers a lot of variety and good value for money. And your pizza is always made by real pizza experts!