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More fun on your vacation with clear communication

Who doesn’t like going on vacation, meeting new places getting to learn about other cultures and customs… Escaping reality for a while. Apart from the fun and relaxation  though, vacation offers the chance to get familiar with the place’s history, the people’s traditions and way of life.

That’s why we visit historical monuments or museums. Of course just seeing them and walking through them doesn’t give us much information. That’s why there are tour guides…But every time they have a group of visitors  to show around, half of them will not be able to hear a word they say so what would be the point?

The AXIWI wireless communication system solves this problem and offers a valuable tool in the hands of tour guides with it’s  two way communication system that  can be configurated depending on the needs of every group. It can be used by 250 people and there will be no issue with the battery since it lasts up to ten hours. It’s so light that  can be worn throughout the tour causing no strain whatsoever. This excellent communication system will give the chance to all of the visitors  to hear perfectly every piece of information about the places they’re visiting, plus they will be able to ask any questions they like .

The AXIWI wireless system will become the most practical and useful tool taking some stress off the tour guides, making at the same time a way for visitors to participate actively offering them a unique, memorable experience!